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  • I was born on January 12
  • My occupation is Rapper and User
  • I am ...A Rapper and User.
  • Sierrastalker

    Welcome back to Total Drama Mall Rap Battles! I KNOW THAT I AM VERY LATE. But, this one will be worth it, I promise! If you want to know the winner of the last battle, I would like you to know that the winner was Macey. One of you asked "Eew, why is Courtney in this?" I wanted to make it different! So, this one goes back, and we're getting close to the end already! This is the second to last battle, and you have to vote in the comments of this battle who should auto matically be eliminated between the three following: Emma, Ronnie, or Audrey. It's ok if you say "None" because you want a three person match up, and if the majority rules, we will have a complex three person matchup to the end,then, at the end, you vote out of the winners of t…

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  • Sierrastalker

    You read me. I 'm gonna leave. If you seriously want me to stay, please, by all means argue with me in the comments like I did something wrong (Everyone in real life does it anyway....). So If you really care (and let's face it, you don't.) Here is why I'm leaving:

    1) I don't feel needed. I just got to the chat when I can, and you guys do all the stuff without me. It makes me feel unwanted. And unlike the troll America is, I leave when I'm not wanted.

    2) No one listens to me. I was talking in chat today and you guys didn't listen. Nico, when I said "I'm gonna leave..." I meant the wiki. I knew you weren't listening so that's why I just said that.

    3) I don't do anything anyone cares about. I'm not like you guys. You guys are funny, and talente…

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  • Sierrastalker

    Welcome back to the Redemption Tournament! Mikey is the winner of Battle 2! We're gonna have an awesome battle, let's get right into it!






    I'm going first nigga! Cuz I'm the fuckin LADY

    you got a fucking LINE of cops in your family

    Nicknames of Ross and D?

    That's like naming B's kid! Something I can't imagine seeing!

    You're old like Camp TV! I'm suprised your still around,

    So you better be listening to MY god damn sound!


    Now you, I don't know you much,

    But let's get the fuck on with this I'll beat you, with some luck.

    Clearly you know me, which is not a good sign,

    This one I'd hate to battle, this was not a good time.

    You can check my rap sheet, something press off a charge!

    You a non-existant hoe, something like a mi…

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  • Sierrastalker

    Welcome back to the Redemption Tournament! Saki won Battle 1! These battles are better than the regular because people try really hard to get back in. Let's watch,




    I'm Mikey, and you ain't gonna change me.

    I lost the first battle so you came here to save me.

    Good freakin' lord, could you be more hard headed?

    You think that you can beat me? Shoulda had put the bread out!

    I'm just baining like Baretta, I'mma kill you, this a setup,

    YOU MUST BE OUT YOUR MIND if you think that Imma let up!


    I got good show, but my flow's 6"7.

    I'm gonna take your soul and you, to the opposite of Heaven.

    I'm Ray mother fucker, you be square, like a rhombus...


    I got shot out the sky, sec…

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  • Sierrastalker

    Welcome to the Redemption Tourrnament! Let's get right into this!






    I'm Saki, mother fucker, I will NOT lose this fight,

    when I'm done with you, you'll leave EVERYONE'S sight.

    Holy freaking crap, your dad died too?

    I shat on his grave, and gave him the middle finger too.

    Your mom died two years later, WHOOP DEE FUCKIN SHIT!

    I don't have a dildo on me, but please, SUCK A DICK!!


    You wanna be the best, bitch you gotta buy some swagger.

    According to this bitch, you got no moves like Jagger.

    Catch up on your bars, and you work on that delivery,

    you're boxin' with a goddess mama, there's NO WINS WITH ME.

    Imma stick these lyrics, RIGHT UP YOUR ANUS

    You better do good in this battle 'cause it



    Nigga's broug…

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