Totally Dramatic Luxury Cruise Ship
Season 1, Episode 3
First Aired June 11, 2012(USA)
Featuring Duncan, Saki, Malik, Demi, Mikey, Keith, Nichelle, Rose, Daniel, Ronnie, Macey
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"Karate Kids"


"Model Exposed!"


The episode starts off with Malik running into the mall asking the crew something. Mikey, Saki, and Duncan (who are smoking) ask what. Malik says someone gave him a free boat, and Duncan replies with a simple "Cool". Mikey asks where it is and Daniel walks in saying it is in the water. Mikey then tells Daniel to shut up. Malik then tells the gang that Rose is watching the ship, and that Keith is out of town, which Demi gets sad about. Later they all get on board, and Malik lets Duncan steer. Big mistake they had made. Duncan was driving wildly, and Malik had to hold onto him because of this. It made them seem closer. This made Nichelle cry because she feared for her life. He wrecks it and they find shore. Before then, Rose kisses Mikey, and Malik kissed Duncan on the cheek, and Duncan made love to him. Mikey and Duncan only did this because they lived. They wind up on Camp Wawanakwa, and Macey suggests that they just relax and party. Keith was secretly hanging there, which he was caught. Everyone picks a bed and relaxes until Chef gets there, and Keith admits he still likes Macey. Keith, in return, gets Duncan to admit he likes Malik alittle, but won't try because he's dating Audrey. Keith got him to agree to try it out, and Keith had a talk with Macey. Chef tries to chase Duncan because he set the whole kitchen on fire, so everyone runs to the Mall and gets there safely.


Character User
Saki XxItzTDAudreyxX


Mikey/Duncan Gary the Gaget Dude
Malik/Nichelle/Keith/Rose/Macey Liklik2012
Ronnie Tbird1997


  • This is the first episode Ronnie appears in.

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