That's The End Of The Mall is the series finale for TDM. This episode was made to end season 1, and the series altogether due to no one wanting to work on the series anymore.

Although Season 2 episodes were leaked, they would never air in the United States. TDM later became banned and anyone who tried to renew it would be sentence to death.


The episode starts off with Saki crying, and everyone asks why. She tells the mall is going to be destroyed due to lack of business. Everyone opposes and starts a mob, but fail and mall is still going to be torn down, and with nothing left to do hold a goodbye concert, and Saki sings a special song to end it. They recieve alot of money, but Kitty comes and eats it all. They all gather around the mall and see it be torn apart. Mikey suggests they go their separate ways now, and they do so. They are shown 5 years later, leading very successful lives. Russel and Ann make a cameo appearance having a hobo-themed wedding, but no one bothered to show up. The series ends with a flashback Saki has of the first episode, when they posed for the picture.

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