Thanks For The Giving...Not!
Season 1, Episode 8
First Aired January 25, 2012(USA)
Featuring Demi, Daniel, Malik, Harriet, Nichelle, Macey, Keith, Rose, Damien
Also Appearing Danny, Joey, Marissa, Peter Jacob, Derek, Drake, Destiney, Tank, Bella, Diamond, Dylan, Marie, Dexter, Lauren, Genesis, Craig, Olivia
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"A Night..To Dismember"


"Dark Snow"


This episode starts with Demi making mashed potatoes, and Bella comes in with a turkey. Daniel decides not to help because he can't cook, but offers to make corn. Damien comes back from the store with more ingredients to make with. Marie, Dexter, and Danny arrive with a chicken pot pie. Meanwhile, Harriet decides to talk to Daniel, since Demi's saying that he can't cook. Malik says "Shame on you Demi." and Demi pushes Daniel out of the kitchen and commands him to find music to play, and Malik slaps her. Olivia arrives with more food, and Nichelle appears walking out of the kitchen with brownie mix. Craig explores the house and winds up in Demi's room. Everyone eventually comes to dance and have some fun...turned into confrontation at dinner, and once again, drama went down. Rose confronted Marissa, and they fought, Malik threw a chair at Destiney. Tank and Malik fough .and Macey kicks down the bathroom door to discover Demi cutting herself and ran away. Harriet runs away again, and everyone goes to find her, and Malik and Daniel do their normal routine, and everyone starts messing around. Demi had a bad dream and keeps hold onto Keith. They end up alone in the room, and they share a kiss. This wasn't the best Thanksgiving they were anticipating, but it sure was the most interesting for all of them


Character User
Malik/Macey/Keith/Nichelle/Rose/Craih/Marissa/Tank/Genesis Liklik2012
Demi/Daniel/Destiney/Drake/Derek DDtwins14
Harriet Sierrastalker
Bella/Olivia/Damien/Joey/Dylan/Diamond Lulucas777
Danny/Peter Jacob/Dexter/Marie Matheus Lopes Tito
Lauren EvaBridgetteGwenRocks
Paulette NicoTDaddicted


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