This is the page for the first season of Total Drama Mall.





  • Pilot - this episode is where the series starts.This season starts off with Duncan coming into the mall,thinking Harriet is a super model,but Harriet plays it off as a joke.

  • Karate Kids - Demi and Mikey walk into a dojo near the mall and they find out the sensei is Saki's Uncle.The sensei trains them to fight off the bullies in the mall named Doodoo,Ugly,and Kitty.

(Saki is absent this episode)

  • Totally Dramatic Luxary Cruise Ship - The gang go on a cruise and end up stranded on an island.

(This is the first episode the cast sings a song)

  • Model Exposed! - The gang find out Harriet is really a model and they are in shock. Meanwhile Harriet is accused of having a reciept and Mikey defends her by blaming it on Nichelle.

(Saki is absent this episode)

  • Total Drama Maul (Halloween Special) - The gang are dressed up for Halloween and Saki leads them to a haunted house.The floor collapses and everyone jumps in.They all wake up in traps and they try to find a way out.

  • Feels Like Pain To Me! (Pregnant Episode)
  • A Night..To Dismember (Prom)
  • Thanks For The Giving...Not! (Thanksgiving Special)
  • Lost in New York...With Friends! (crossover)
  • Dark Snow (Christmal a twist!)
  • Total Drama Suite Life (crossover)
  • School Days Are Over!;The Graduation!
  • Totally Victorious! (crossover)
  • Total Drama Mall...In Whitechapel! (movie)

Start Of Season 2Edit

  • Happy New Years~! (1 hour special)


Theme SongEdit

The theme song for season one, and the series altogether, is "Friend o' Mine" by Bowling For Soup.