Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Status Alive
First Appearance Just Us Friends
Relationship Raymond(broken up)
Family Father, Mother
Friends Everyone(Except enemies)
Enemies TBA
Fear TBA
Talent TBA
Nicknames TBA
Fans 1
Voiced By Hae Lim
Played By Nat

Saki is the Sweet Angel of the group. Saki's dad owns the mall, but since he passed away, she now owns it. She also shares the rights equally with her friends and her boyfriend. She is shown to be semi-sweet at times and uses internet memes:(lolwut, nyancat, donotwant, etc.) She also has weapons to threat people with when they piss her off.


Saki was already in the mall when Duncan arrived.She was trying to get him to remember her,but couldnt.{Moar Coming Soon}

Karate Kids

Saki was absent this episode.

Totally Dramatic Luxary Cruise Ship

Model Exposed

Total Drama Maul

In this episode,Saki was originally gonna dress as a bunny,from the concept art,but was changed to Musa (c) from Winx Club.She was one of the six people to escape the haunted house.Others being Cody,Malik,Ray,Mikey and Jadus.The rest were captured and put in a cell by the masked murderer named Slasher.
Saki s halloween costume by randomtdiluver-d4c6h2f

Saki as Musa


Saki's Halloween Concept Art