Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Light Brown
Sexuality Bisexual
Status Alive
First Appearance Just Us Friends
Last Appearance School Girl Showdown!
Relationship Saki (Broke Up)
Lacey (Broke Up)

Demi (Crush)

Family Mother, Sister, Brother And Father
Friends Everyone
Frenemies None
Enemies None
Fear Bugs, Dying.
Talent Fighting, Being Bored, Having Fun,Pissing People Off, And Beinging Mean
Nicknames Ray, Ray-Roo
Fans 10
Voiced By Raymond
Played By Raymond

Raymond, labeled "The Hot Fun Guy" Of Total Drama Mall.So Raymond is a sweet boy he's been called a player and all that but that's not his intetion,he just want's too find his true love.Raymond is a overachiever he ALWAY'S goes after what he want's even if some thing might be bad he will STILL do it.Raymond is sorta hardheaded once some thing is on his mind,there's no way of taking it out of his mind.Raymond never know what he's thinking!He can say one thing and do another. Raymond get's mad sorta fast..cause he doesn't even know why people would want too hurt him or anything if he hasn't done anything wrong. Raymond is single and Raymond is bisexual, So that means he likes girls AND guys. Comment And Tell What You Think!