Mikey, labelled The Flirty Athlete, is one of the main characters on Total Drama Mall.

Mikey's new design
Gender Male
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Sky Blue
Sexuality  ???
First Appearance Just Us Friends
Last Appearance -
Relationship Lacey (broken up, possibly still in love with), Courtney (broken up), Gwen (broken up), Emma (assumed to be broken up), Audrey
Family Parents, Dog, Melissa (sister), Tyler (brother)
Friends Duncan, Malik, Emma, Dex, Joey, Kelsey, Kimberly (on his side, possibly), Raymond
Frenemies Daniel, Jadus, Saki, Ariana
Enemies Courtney, Alejandro, Demi, Fans, Justin, Heather, Sierra, Trent,
Fear School, death
Talent Singing, baseball, basketball, football
Fans 1
Voiced By Dylan Sprouse
Played By Gary

The Mall

The Mall is Mikey's main hangout. He normally is seen skateboarding or pulling pranks with his best pal, Duncan.

Total Drama Mall

Mikey was first seen as the new guy in Just Us Friends. Saki and Harriet both showed him around and he met Emma. He had a singing contest with Harriet and started going out with Emma.

In Karate Kids,

In Totally Dramatic Luxury Cruise Ship,

In Model Exposed!, he blamed Nichelle for exposing Harriet's secret. Demi tackled him for making Harriet leave. And he and Keith started fighting.

In Dark Snow, Mikey and Duncan both returned from Pacific Coast Academy in Florida or Calafornia. Malik thought he and Duncan didn't miss him but they turned out missing him aswell as everyone else.

Mikey and Duncan were both absent in Thanks For The Giving...Not!, A Night..To Dismember and School Days Are Over!: The Graduation!.