Gender Female
Hair color Dirty Blonde
Eye color Green
Sexuality Straight
Status Alive
First Appearance Just Us Friends
Last Appearance N/A
Relationship Trent (Broken up)
Family Mother, Father
Friends Malik, Macey, Saki, Ariana, Nichelle, Harriet, Keith, Demi, and Daniel
Frenemies Duncan and Mikey
Enemies TBA
Fear Clowns, spiders, needles, blood
Talent Rapping, singing, dancing, poetry,


Nicknames TBA
Fans 4
Voiced By Victoria Elizabeth Crawford
Played By Temi
Jadus, labeled "Miss Random", is a main character on Total Drama Mall.


Jadus is really cute and sweet. As you meet her, she will proceed into being more creative because she has someone to trust and to show her true self with. Jadus lives with her parents and pet. Her life looks easy, but it's really not. She grew up with a poor family. Her parents made money by selling items. She was left in Canada for two years before her parents came to pick her up after money making. Jadus is a really lovable family member to have. With her singing abilities, it lead her to a large society. When she was 8 years old, she was constantly bullied. So she grew up to be a little tiny piece of goth. Jadus also had a very odd hobby of collecting different weapons for safety. With that, she feels invincible. Her memories and history always matters to her. She clearly cherishes and loves everyday and in her life.

She once starred in an eighth grade play of Peter Pan. She embarrassed herself with a mistake in her line. Jadus is also the type of person who will screw up every once and a while but will play along with it. She is really good at rapping, for an odd reason, she gets from listening Hip-Hop. She might be fierce at times when she is irked, but that won't actually ruin her day. Her energy and spirit lives fast with her.