Feels Like Pain To Me!
Season 1, Episode 6
First Aired December 24, 2011(USA)
Featuring Ariana, Demi, Daniel, Malik, Saki, Harriet, Jadus, Nichelle, Macey, Keith
Also Appearing Melody, Hailey
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"Total Drama Maul"


"A Night..To Dismember"


The episode starts with Ariana, running into the mall announcing that she may be pregnant. She went with the others to see and It turns out, Ariana wasn't pregnant, and Harriet tries to run, and Saki trips her up, which causes Harriet to fall on her back. Everyone surrounds her and she reveals that she is the one pregnant. She doesn't even know who the father is, and the doctor says that there is probably no father. Sooner or later, Harriet has her baby, and names her Melody. and everyone comes to see her. Now that she has come into the world, Harriet has very big responsibilities now. This leads to her womanhood as well.


Character User
Malik/Macey/Keith/Nichelle/Hailey Liklik2012
Ariana/Saki XxItzTDAudreyxX
Demi/Daniel DDtwins14
Harriet/Melody Sierrastalker
Jadus Temaricanfan


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