Her and Malik are acquaintances.


Malik did have an attraction for him, but it died down and they're just friends.



They've had something for each other since three girls put them together, and everyone supported them, but they aren't currently together.


Malik admitted to liking Demi and she likes him to but she is to stuborn to admit it and everything just kinda took course there.


Duncan and Malik have known each other since they were 3 years old. They also have an on and off friendship, and it is hinted Malik has a crush on him. But Malik is over Duncan, while Duncan has been keeping a secret crush for Malik as well.


HarrietXMalik was moot, and only happened one episode, between that, Maliket was never heard of or seen again. They are currently friends.


Jadus and Malik have some sort of love-hate relationship. But they're still friends either way. It is revealed that Malik likes Jadus. She may feel the same way, but doesn't exacly show it...


Keith and Malik have been best friends since birth, and they have always been there for each other.


Malik and Mariah are best friends, and even like each other in a way.


The two both have a crush for the same girl, but otherwise, are good friends.


They both like the same girl, yet also has some feelings towards each other.


Saki admits she has a slight crush on Malik, but is more interested with Mikey. They are currently best friends.


Trent and Malik are good friends, and Malik has a crush on him. They might've had their ups and downs, but it doesn't mean a thing to Trent.

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